From the twilight of music’s pre-digital era comes re-mastered record releases by one of the most popular power rock bands of the 80’s: DC Star.

The Best of DC Star Records” features 10 songs: Blue Sparks / Is It You? / Makin’ Time / Don’t Call Me Punk / No Friend of Mine / Wastin’ Time / Keeper Of The Keys / Stop The World From Turning / Both Feet On The Ground / Love Me Love Me Drive Me Insane

DC Star consisted of premier vocalist Kenny Taylor, David Simmons on guitars and vocals, Jeff Avery on guitars, keyboards and vocals, Henry Farmer on bass guitar and Glenn Jones on drums.

The Best of DC Star Records 1977-1983” was re-mastered by David Simmons and John Grant at Secret Sound using Izotope’s Ozone ™ software. This revolutionary process created tracks that sound like you are right back in the 80’s as DC Star recorded on two inch wide 24 track analog tape at Media Sound!

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