Rock Band: DC Star

From the twilight of music’s pre-digital era come two collections of remastered record releases by one of the best loved power rock bands of the day: DC Star. From the sweet harmonies of the first single “Blue Sparks” to the bone crushing thunder of “Fortuneteller” their sound was truly unique. Their high energy performances captivated audiences and inspired a new generation of rockers throughout the northeast.

Between 1977 and 1986 they released 2 singles on Secant Records, an EP picture disk and full length album on Escape Records; the later of which was re-released on Atlantic Records ATCO subsidiary Mirage Records. They also released songs on popular Baltimore, Washington & New York radio station compilation records and recorded several popular Miller Brewing Company radio commercials including “Welcome to Miller Time” and 1984′s banner ad “Made The American Way.”

The band’s records were remastered and released on 2 CDs by David and Goliath Music in 2010. These 2 D&G releases were discontinued after the mechanical rights for DC Star’s 1985 Atlantic release were acquired by Unidisc. Now “Rockin’ in the Classroom” is available on iTunes from Unidisc along with the music from DC Star‘s other records on the 2015 D&G Music release “The Best of DC Star Records”. 

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