David and Goliath Music is a production company and record label established by me, David Simmons. I am a BMI affiliated music producer, musician and songwriter. My lyricist partner Ray “Goliath” McCrory is also a BMI affiliate and has been my main co-writer since 1980.

David and Goliath Music is always selectively looking to expand our client and artist roster.

Are You ready to take the next step with your music career?

David and Goliath Music is affiliated with Secret Sound Studio where we work with Grammy nominated musician and producer John Grant. Our Partner Eric Dalton owns Eric Dalton Productions in NY and is a writer, musician and accredited audio engineer.

Together we offer co-writing, recording, mixing, mastering, and CD Design services. 

People Behind the Projects

John Grant / Secret Sound Studio

John-Grant-David-SimmonsJohn Grant the owner of Secret Sound Studio is an accomplished guitarist that also plays mandolin, bass guitar and keyboards. John and David Simmons produce dynamic songs that utilize real and programmed drumming and percussion, piano, organ, keyboards, strings, and synthesizers with libraries of sound engines. Effortlessly performing and using technology to make the music happen, John is always available to help in creative and musical ways. He is a certified ProTools educator and he and David have the techniques and experience to make each song and arrangement special.

Check out the equipment and the long list of clients that record at Secret Sound by connecting with John @ www.secretsoundstudio.com

Eric Dalton / Writer, Musician, House Audio Engineer

Eric-Dalton-and-David-SimmonsIn 2016 artist, writer, guitarist and audio engineer Eric Dalton joined the David and Goliath Music team. Eric graduated from Mercy College in NY with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Production and Technology. The combination of David Simmons musicianship and production experience, Ray “Goliath” McCrory’s co-writing and lyrics and Eric’s writing, performing and state of the art audio engineering skills promise to yield a powerful synergy to new D&G Music creations.

Executive Bios

The son of a Navy Chaplain, David lived on both US coasts and in Italy, moving a dozen times by age 16. David loved music early on and took up playing the clarinet, piano, and ultimately guitar.

In 1976, he co-founded popular rock group “D.C. Star”. He penned the band’s material with musician/lyricists Jefferson Antel and Ray “Goliath” McCrory with whom he co-wrote the group’s most popular song “Is It You”.

The band released their first record on Secant Records in 1977 followed by a picture disc on Escape Records in 1982 and full length album “Livin’ in a Rock and Roll Whirl” in 1984.

Under the watchful eye of manager David A. Sherbow and promoter Kevin Brenner of New York’s Creative Talent Agency, D.C. Star joined a stable of New York performers that included Bon Jovi, The Ramones, Twisted Sister, White Lion, Zebra and Pat Travers. The band proved to be a popular show opener for stadium acts Journey, Judas Priest, The Guess Who, Quiet Riot, Blackfoot and more before graduating to the headliner at many of the same concert venues.

The band got a development deal with MediaMax and over a 5 year span their sessions were produced by the renowned Michael Brauer and assisted by the Media staffs that were producing Kiss, Aerosmith, Billy Idol, UFO, Luther Van Dross & Diana Ross. They were signed to Mirage/Atlantic Records in 1985 and released the album “Rockin’ the Classroom” featuring the hit “I Wanna’ Rock Tonight”.

After the band’s breakup in 1987 David found success in real estate and residential construction. Over the next 20 years he built several profitable enterprises while continuing to write music both independently and with long-time co-writer Ray McCrory. Once again David is pouring all of his energy and experience into producing music full time – recording new music in several genres and offering no-nonsense, real-world advice and mentoring to the next generation of upcoming artists.

Ray “Goliath” McCrory was a young boy when his father taught him to play guitar and sing old country standards and Elvis tunes. While serving in the military he was stationed in Alaska and became serious about writing lyrics and music and studying martial arts.

In 1978, while working security at Baltimore’s largest night club, Ray met David when D.C. Star came to town. Instantly they formed a bond both writing music and in friendship. David and Ray have penned and copyrighted over 100 compositions and adopted the business name David and Goliath Music in 1988 to symbolize their musical partnership. In addition to the work he has done with David, Ray was chief lyricist on projects with writer/producer John Sady and Motown composer Sharon Nock. Ray is active in Christian music ministries and he and his wife Connie have 2 children.

Mission Statement

Although many say, “You are a fool to follow your dreams” … we follow our hearts and press on because it is the war we fight every day. Regardless of whether battles are lost or won, let the war be fought with truth, bravery and perseverance.

Let gentle sounds lead to soaring choruses that explode with a melodic message that brings joy to every heart and a glorious noise before the God to whom you bow. As for David & Goliath, we choose Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Every day, in some way; “He is doing a new thing!*” in every one of us. Thus we are granted new gifts, talents and identities to use serving others for His glory.    *Isaiah 43:19

Thankfully by His grace and mercy we are all saved through faith.

God gave Rock and Roll to us. He put it in the soul of everyone. 

So … Give Love!

David Simmons / David & Goliath Music
Executive Producer / Guitarist / Songwriter