How Garth Brooks Influenced Mark Bray

In a recent interview, Country artist Mark Bray commented on his biggest musical influence, Garth Brooks. We thought it was worth a mention…

I got my first glimpse of “What I wanted to be when I grew up” watching a concert video with two of my buddies in my house in Florida. This incredible country artist took his arena show to Ireland and put on a sellout show in the Dublin Soccer Stadium. I never saw anything like it before … or since…

Country artist Mark Bray comments on his biggest influence, Garth Brooks

It was Garth Brooks.

I was glued to the TV for over 2 hours as Garth and his band threw a party for 20,000 fans! They were having so much fun it looked effortless. I remember thinking “I can do that”. I was a teenager, couldn’t play the guitar and didn’t have much singing experience. But I knew I wanted to be just like Garth.

These days while country music more resembles 80’s rock with an alternative edge and cowboy hats are generally disappearing from the scene, I’m proud to say that just like Garth, I do it my way.

My producer Dave Simmons and writing partner Ray McCrory have been in the business for a long time. Their influences include everyone from the 70’s through the present and they compose songs in many genres other than country. This adds the distinct sound of the debut releases “The Gasoline Blues”, “Meet Mark Bray” and “American All Star”. Dave is also working with me to bring more of my traditional country flavor to our new projects.

Although I love pop and rock music too, I’m always proud when a fan tells me they see a little Garth Brooks everything I do!