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“Elephant Rumor” is an indie rock studio project featuring Eric Dalton on guitars, keyboards and lead vocals. It is the first release co-written and produced by Eric and D&G Music producer David Simmons. “I Prefer”, “Choke” and “Lazer Vision” are re-writes from earlier versions by Eric and college band mate Gianfranco Marinaro. Gianfranco also played guitar on the 3 songs and Nick Labodin played drums. Eric’s dad DC Star bassist Henry Farmer hammers the funky bass line on “Lazer Vision”.

David tackles all of the guitars on “Welcome to the Party” a rousing AC/DC tribute co-written by he and Eric. And “Match Made”, the slick commercially oriented single, was also co-written by Eric and David and features Eric playing all the instruments.

“Elephant Rumor” was co-produced and mastered at EDP studio by David Simmons and Eric Dalton. Additional recording and editing was done at Secret Sound Studio assisted by Grammy nominated musician and audio engineer John Grant. John also played drums, bass and added background vocals on “Welcome to the Party”.

Cover design: Brandon Detherage
Elephant artist: Rafael Torres Castano