3 Inside Right Flap – Give Love CD Eco Wallet Artwork 139 Copy – Version 2

“David and Goliath Music – One” is the first solo effort by former DC Star guitarist David Simmons. He and Grammy-nominated musician, audio engineer and producer John Grant produced the release at Secret Sound Studio. The two of them performed all of the instruments and background vocals with David singing the lead vocals on 4 of the 6 tracks.

The title track “Give Love!” is sung by Tracey Tiernan and features Katie Chambers on cello. Tracey also delivers an inspired performance on “Between Now and Then” and added the key female backing vocals to “Perfect Love” and “PTL“. Tracey did several CDs with Christian group “Unveiled” and is the host of “The Morning Show with Tracey, Mike and Dave” on 95.1 Shine FM. The material was written by David Simmons and co-writer Ray “Goliath” McCrory. 

Featured Songs – Give Love! / Streamline / Perfect Love / Follow Your Dreams / Between Now and Then / Praise The Lord