WTTP Single Cover Thumb

“Welcome to the Party!” single is out!

“Welcome to the Party!” a rousing AC/DC tribute was originally written and recorded by David Simmons. The song remained unfinished until he and Eric Dalton banged out the final version for the first Elephant Rumor EP. When Eric went on tour with his metal band Retrofeelya’ the 2016 Elephant Rumor release went widely un-noticed so we released this re-mixed single for one more bang!

While tracking the vocal tracks we recorded party ambience and used it in this remix to add more fun and a live feel to this new single cut.

“Welcome to the Party!” was recorded at Secret Sound Studio assisted by Grammy nominated musician and audio engineer John Grant. David Simmons played the guitar tracks and John played drums and bass. After Eric sang the lead track the three of them added the background vocals. David Simmons and Eric Dalton mastered the final track at EDP Studio in NY.

Cover design: Susan Singer
Elephant Artist: Sayan Bunard