Winged Elephant In A Bowler Hat

“Death Metal Mania!” by Elephant Rumor Released

“Death Metal Mania!” by Elephant Rumor is the second collaboration between artist and producer Eric Dalton and D&G Music producer David Simmons. It consists of three hard hitting instrumental tracks recorded, mixed and mastered at EDP studio in New York and two killer songs featuring Eric’s powerful vocals.

The two vocal tracks “My Angel” and “The Show” were recorded at both EDP studio and at Secret Sound Studio assisted by Grammy nominated producer and audio engineer John Grant. Eric deserves full credit for all the guitar work and drum programming on this release and constructing and recording the metal instrumentals entirely. “Death Metal Mania!” by Elephant Rumor was co-written, produced and copyrighted by David Simmons and Eric Dalton.

Cover design: Susan Singer
“Flying Beast” Artist: Bruce Rolff